Why See A Chiropractor

nervous_systemChiropractic care looks to correct underlying causes of your symptoms, rather than covering up the pain with drugs. It is the Science of locating these problem areas of spinal joint dysfunction, and the art of correcting them, and the philosophy of things natural.

Since it’s beginning, chiropractic has been based on the scientific fact that the nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body.

Dr. Miller will use her expert training, years of experience along with a thorough examination and a review of your health history, to recommend a specific care program that is right for you.

If your symptoms slots machine online are a chiropractic case, this will include specific spinal adjustments. The words chiropractic adjustment describes ways of using a carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore spinal bones to a more normal position or motion. When spinal function is improved, nervous system function (health) can improve too.

Dr. Miller is an expert at using the right amount of force in the right direction. This may require quick movement to or in other instances a slow and constant pressure

When the brain is protected by the skull, the spinal cord is more vulnerable, covered by 24 moving vertebrae.

When those bones lose their normal motion or position, they can irritate the nervous system. This disrupts the function of the tissues or organs the nerves control, and is called the Vertebral Subluxation Complex or Subluxation Syndrome.

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